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Mississippi Delta Blues History & Famous Blues Musicians

The blues is a sound that’s about more than just catchy rhymes and rhythm. It’s is a language all its own. A confession, a plea, an outcry, a raw style of conversation born from cotton fields, poverty, hard lifestyles and hope.

For more than a century, the Mississippi Delta has been the emotional heart of it all. More famous blues musicians have come from this area than any other region (or state for that matter) combined. Today, you canGive Your iPhone the Blues App still feel that authentic vibe of Mississippi Delta blues history.

From birthplace homes to the gravestones of legends, a road trip through the Delta will open your eyes to the people, places and energy that inspired the sounds of rock n' roll, soul, jazz, country music and some of the most famous blues musicians known to man.

Download the new Blues Trail app  and make your trip down the trail even more memorable. The Blues Trail app points you to markers, helps you create a custom itinerary with turn-by-turn directions, and lets you download blues classics via iTunes as you stand knee-deep in the cotton fields where the songs were born.  The app even connects you with films and recordings that bring the blues to colorful life. Once again, the guitars moan and the voices croon, staging a private concert for you as you travel the trail. 

400 West Park St
Hernando , MS
Beale Town Bound” Blues Marker honors musicians Gus Cannon, Robert Wilkins and Jim Jackson. Gus Cannon was born in Red Banks, MS and buried in Hernando. Gus was a banjo player who also “played the jug.” He wrote and first recorded the song, “Walk Right In,” which became a number one hit for the Greenwich...
13625 US Hwy 61 North
Tunica Resorts, MS 38664
Make your first stop in Tunica the all-new Gateway to the Blues Museum and Visitors Center, located at the entrance of the Tunica Resort area along U.S. Highway 61. This new center, housed in an original 1895 train depot, is your exclusive source for up-to-the-minute information about Tunica. Its friendly staff is ready to assist you with direction...
Ewing Hall Delta State University
Cleveland, MS 38733
The "life casts" are exact replicas of blues musicians faces, created using damp gauze and plaster. The results are astonishing, three-dimensional images of the facial structure of the musicians. This collection features 55 life casts of a disappearing generation of blues performers.
Berclair (Leflore County), MS
The long and remarkable life of B. B. King began near this site, where he was born Riley B. King on September 16, 1925.  His parents, Albert and Nora Ella King, were sharecropers who lived in a simple home southeast of here along Bear Creek.  After his parents separated when he was four, King lived in Kilmichael and Lexington before moving as a tee...
400 Second Street
Indianola, MS 38751
The B.B. King Museum is a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility which uses the life story of world renowned blues artist, and native son, Riley (B.B.) King, as a framework to tell about the Mississippi Delta region and the origins and influence of blues music. Centered around the last standing brick cotton gin in Mississippi, the Museum uses...
Corner of Church St. and Second St.
Indianola, MS 38751
"Like a good fishing hole" is the way B.B. King described this spot where he played blues to passersby early in his career. Located on the corner of Church and Second streets and across from the historic Sunflower County Courthouse, this location attracted an audience that would encourage the career of one of America's most influential musicians.
E. Center St.
Horn Lake, MS 38637
Big Walter Horton, also known as Walter "Shakey Horton" was born in Horn Lake, moved to Memphis as a child and  then on to Chicago where he first appeared on the blues scene in the late 1950's. A quiet, unassuming, and essentially shy man, Horton is remembered as one of the most influential harmonica players in the history of blues. His career...
107 East Railroad Ave
Bentonia, MS 39040
(662) 528-1900
Founded in 1948, the Blue Front Café offers live Delta blues including the unique Bentonia-style, the genre of such Blues greats as Skip James, Jack Owens and Bud Spires.  Also the site of the annual Bentonia Blues Festival, held on the 3rd Saturday each June in Bentonia.  For a live entertainment schedule contact Jimmy "Duck" Holm...
600 Third Street
PO Box 490
Cleveland, MS 38732
662 843 2712
Take the backroads. Start your tour from Cleveland. Take a guided driving tour of the 13 Mississippi Blues Trail Markers throughout Bolivar County. Experience the history of where the roots of American Music  took shape. Go to to download a copy.
Grenada, MS 38901
There were four Blues singers from Grenada who are recognized as part of the blues musical historical trail.  Markers have been placed to show the home of two of them.  One marker is inside Grenada while the second one is east of town.
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