If you can time your visit to Indianola so you're there during the annual B.B. King homecoming festival, so much the better, but if your dates don't line up, you'll still feel the blues that B.B. King brought to the world. The sparkling B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center dives deep into the culture that gave birth to this truly American form of music. The museum is a must visit for fans of the blues, music historians, and those who just want to learn about the cultural history of the Delta. You can't miss it, B.B. King's tour bus is parked right out front.

The Blue Biscuit is across the street from the museum, so once your ears are full of the sound of that Mississippi sound, get your belly full of Mississippi chow. Or, for more modern interpretations of southern cooking, go to The Crown on Front Street; it's been featured in Saveur and the New York Times and other places foodies like to turn to for advice.

B.B. isn't the only King from Indianola, there's a Blues Highway marker for Albert King on Front Avenue. Albert King -- and so many other blues greats -- played Club Ebony on Hanna Avenue, where there's still live music today.