Cleveland is all about art and creative culture. Thanks in part to Keep Cleveland Boring (it's not, we promise) there are lots of fun festivals and events, that include restaurant week, Otherfest (an alternative music festival), and MissiSippin’ Saturdays, an October series that highlights local beer and local bands. McCarty Cereamics is in Merigold and Peter's Pottery is in Mound Bayou -- both workshops welcome visitors.
Cotton Row -- in the center of Cleveland's Crosstie historic district -- is lined with little restaurants, cafes, and galleries -- window shop until you find perfect souvenir or a place to stop for a great meal. The Crosstie district is named for the railway that made Cleveland's economy thrive in the late 1800's; railroad buffs will want to visit the Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum to learn more.
Cleveland is especially proud to be the location for the brand new Grammy Museum, a facility that not only celebrates the best in music but has a strong educational mission (opened in March, 2015). The Grammy committee chose Mississippi for the museum's location because a remarkable TK percentage of Grammy winners come from Mississippi.
A few miles outside Cleveland, you'll find Dockery Farms where Charley Patton learned to play the blues and set history in motion. Want to go local? Po'Monkey's juke joint in nearby Merigold has a party Thursday night and you're totally welcome to join in.